Welcome and !Salud!

Well… I’m finally doing it! For years I’ve been sharing photos of my homemade and delicious food and  I’ve been repeatedly encouraged to start  my own food and nutrition blog. So here it is!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Anna and I’m a holistic nutritionist living in Toronto who loves food, music, fitness, and my chef boyfriend!

I’m most passionate about sharing and growing my knowledge about food, where it comes from, how we can use it to heal our minds, bodies and souls and how to treat yourself at every meal. I believes that we all deserve to eat, and that we all deserve to eat right.

After overcoming my own battles with health and food issues, my love and interest in food drove me to seek out further education in the area of nutrition. I decided to take the direction of holistic nutrition because I now see the importance of a natural healthy diet focused on real food as well as exercising balance in ever aspect of our daily lives. I wanted to expand my understanding on the foods we put in our bodies and what effects they may have on our well being.

I was blessed from a very young age with the exposure to healthy, homemade foods. Both of my parents (who come from two very different background)s are talented cooks with vast knowledge on food, and how to prepare it wholesomely. During my whole childhood, my mother worked at a health food store and always tried to provide the family with local, organic food as well as vitamins and herbal remedies. My interest in food really blossomed when I started working at the health food store with my mother, where I was able to educate myself through my surroundings.  After high school, I started working at my father’s restaurant which specialized in Latin American food, where I shadowed many talented and trained chefs. I also spent over 8 months travelling South America and Europe, learning many practices of food preparation in the most natural forms possible.

I like to use all that I have picked up along the way to provide myself and those around me with the best foods possible for a healthy, happy life. I strive to continue to educate myself and those seeking to further their skills and knowledge in the kitchen and to influence others to start looking at the foods we eat as the most important and beautiful part of a healthy life. I strongly agrees with the philosophy of Chef Jamie Oliver when he states ”My philosophy to food and healthy eating has always been about enjoying everything in a balanced, and sane way. Food is one of life’s greatest joys yet we’ve reached this really sad point where we’re turning food into the enemy, and something to be afraid of. I believe that when you use good ingredients to make pasta dishes, salads, stews, burgers, grilled vegetables, fruit salads, and even outrageous cakes, they all have a place in our diets. We just need to rediscover our common sense”.

Heres to a vibrant, healthy and tasty life, SALUD!



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